Internal displacement to urban areas: the Tufts-IDMC Profiling Study

Further information and details of how to access the findings are discussed in the following IDMC press release:

Internal displacement to urban areas: the Tufts-IDMC Profiling Study

In 2006, the need to better understand the number and situation of internally displaced people (IDPs) in urban centres led IDMC to commission the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University to develop and test an urban IDP profiling methodology.

The resulting Tufts-IDMC Profiling Study aims to help all organisations which promote the rights of IDPs in conflict-affected countries to collect and analyse information on people displaced into cities.

The study had three main objectives:

– To develop generic research tools to be used for profiling urban IDPs, including to make population estimates.

– To generate comparative data on IDPs and non-IDPs in urban areas, including demographic and livelihood characteristics, access to services, economic integration, and whether the assistance and protectionneeds of IDPs differ from that of non-IDPs.

– To use the data to work with governments and humanitarian organisations to develop programs and advocacy strategies that assist IDPs and protect their rights.

The project took place from 2006-2008, in three urban locations: Khartoum, Sudan; Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; and Santa Marta, Colombia. Surveys were conducted in each city, and the resulting case studies and information on the methodology used can be found at or


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