Researching Refugees Blog

Posted in blogs, information, refugees, research on November 7, 2007 by Paul V Dudman

A new Researching Refugees blog has been created by Elisa Mason. This blog was “created to track web technologies that can help refugee researchers keep up to date with new information in their field.” It also supports Elisa’s recent article in the latest edition of Refugee Survey Quarterly, (Volume 26 Number 3, 2007), entitled Keeping up with refugee research.

The Researching Refugees Blog can be found at:


Reminder – Useful Blogs

Posted in blogs, information on October 9, 2007 by Paul V Dudman

Just a quick reminder that it is always worth keeper an eye on the various blogs listed below as they provide a good source of current and updated refugee and forced migration issues:

Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog – [link]

Refugee Council Poliblog – [link]

Forced Migration Online Blog – [link]

ICAR Blog – [link]

World:bridge : The Refugees International Blog – [link]

UN Pulse – [link]

Researching Asylum in London (RAL). Major new website

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Researching Asylum in London (RAL). Major new website

(note from HC: well worth looking at/being aware of this)

RAL is an independent database of research on refugee and asylum issues relevant to London. The aim of this project is to make research more accessible to service providers and policy-makers working in the field. The database contains summaries of research and the aims, methodology, key findings, conclusions and recommendations are easily identifiable. You can search by keywords, explore by population or theme or browse by location. The site already includes the final report of the Project Co-ordinator from the pilot phase of Welcome To Your Library. The site is hosted by the Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) and the About Us section of the website provides fuller information on how the site came about, criteria for inclusion and how to suggest items for inclusion.